Money, money, money, money money.
The root of all evil, time is money, a fool and his money are soon elected (Mark Twain)...and many other saws referring to money.
Lust after it, ignore it if you can, worship it, despise it but money is such an ingrained part of our existence we are forced to deal with it. 
But let's establish a foundation of agreed upon concepts.
Can we agree that humans are driven, motivated, inspired to action by needs.   Many, many, many needs. Abraham Maslow did a pretty good job of organizing human needs into a hierarchy with five levels:
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OK. Money is a pretty good vehicle for meeting the lower level needs  - physiological and safety. Arguably, not so good at meeting the higher level needs, though many try. 

Here's another concept I hope we can agree on. Money is - or can be - scarce. That's one of the things that make it valuable. Thought experiment...imagine money wasn't scarce for you. You not only had all you needed, but all you wanted. How likely would you be to share it with a complete stranger. Remember, you can get all you want. Would you eliminate poverty? Or would you expect everyone else to take care of themselves?

So, how scarce is money? Let's take that up in the next post.

    Author I'm an audio professional and retired College Professor. 
    Thirty-some years ago, I set out to  find the meaning of life. When I discovered it was "42", I decided to get a day job and raise a family.
    Now it's time to resume the search for what "42" really means.
    Wish me luck.


    August 2012